[Thermal Camera AD-HF048] Why is my Anti-Virus program asking if TGuard / VMS is safe to run?

The first time the TGuard application is run, your Anti-Virus application such as Windows Defender, Norton, or McAfee may display an alert. This is normal behavior for these applications when they encounter a program that is not familiar. Please follow the instructions listed below when you run TGuard for the first time. The instructions below are for Windows Defender but the process is the same from most Anti-Virus applications.

  1. Click the TGuard icon that was created on your Windows desktop.
  2. The first time TGuard is run, Windows Defender or other Anti-Virus programs such as Norton or McAffee will display a "Windows Security Alert" and ask permission to allow the TGuard application to run.
  3. Select 'Allow access' for each application that is displayed. A list of applications that need permission is listed below.
    1. DVR Server
    2. Mini ASP Web Server
    3. Upgradeserver
  4. One permission is given, the TGuard Application will now run and the main screen displayed.
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