[Chrome device] How do I fully enable Android apps for my domain?

  1. From the Admin console dashboard, go to Device managementand thenChrome management. If you don't see Device management on the dashboard, click More controls at the bottom.
  2. Click Android application settings.
  3. Select Enable Android applications to be managed through the Admin Console.
  4. (Optional) Click Billing. Verify that an Android management subscription appears on the billing page.
  5. (Optional) Click Security > Manage EMM provider for Android. Verify that Google Device Manager is listed as your EMM provider. If you already have Google Mobile Management or a third party EMM as your EMM provider, then that provider will be listed, even though Android Apps on Chrome have been enabled.

Note: Enabling Android apps on Chrome OS for your domain does not automatically enable it for individual users. To give users access to the apps you must also enable the apps for organizational units.


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