[Thermal Camera AD-HF048] How do I install the TGuard application?

The TGuard application is available for download on the AOPEN Thermal Camera support website. The latest version of the application along with the user manual and default configuration files are available on this site. The link is: https://go.aopenamericainc.com/heat-finder-support/

  1. Download TGuard Application from the following location
    1. https://go.aopenamericainc.com/heat-finder-support/
  2. Run the installation file by clicking on the file name - TGuard_Setup_v4.254.0.101.exe
    1. Select Language
      1. English (United States)
      2. Press "OK"
  3. The prerequisites Wizard will now run.
    1. Press "Next" to Continue
    2. The  Prerequisites Wizard will check your computer to see if you have all of the needed files for running the TGuard application
    3. Note: Most systems will need the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable files installed.
    4. Press "Next" to Continue
    5. The individual C++ Redistributable Setups will now run. Accept the license terms and select 'Install' to continue.
    6. Once completed, the VMS (TGuard) setup wizard will automatically run.  Select 'Next' to Continue.
    7. Select the installation directory or press 'Next' to install into the default directory.
      1. Installing into the default directory is recommended.
  4. The TGuard application installer will now start.
    1. Press 'Install' to load the TGuard Software.
    2. When completed, select 'Finish' to exit the Setup Wizard.
  5. A TGuard icon will be installed on your desktop.
  6. Click the TGuard icon to run the application. 
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